Christian Workplace Connections

Practical Christian Connections Just asking a few questions… How does God relate and fit into todays workplace? Who out there has the answers? What can I do? What can we do for each other? What do you need? Where do we spend the majority of our time… in the workplace or in Church? Where doContinue reading “Christian Workplace Connections”

Christian Workplace Connections Connections What are our Christian connections? Who is in our Christian sphere of influence? Is there a benefit for Christians in the workplace to connect and share concerns regarding workplace issues? As Christians in the workplace, how do we deal with our successes? Encouraging, discovering what we have to offer, supporting each other, becomingContinue reading “Christian Workplace Connections”

Christian Workplace Connections What does God say about serving? Does God have expectations for business and occupational excellence? How do we learn? How successful can we be if we let God be our partner? Many of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Pastors were approached and have shown interest in exploring ways of honoring God in theContinue reading “Christian Workplace Connections”

Christian Workplace Connections BC

Still trying to learn how to use this Blogging to communicate with others who might have questions or suggestions regarding Christian Workplace Connections, especially within BC and particularly on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island for now. Actually, while on the job as well as off. God seems to be leading me to connect ChristiansContinue reading “Christian Workplace Connections BC”