Christian Workplace Connections

Practical Christian Connections

Just asking a few questions…

How does God relate and fit into todays workplace?

Who out there has the answers?

What can I do? What can we do for each other? What do you need?

Where do we spend the majority of our time… in the workplace or in Church?

Where do we live our Christianity… in Church or the workplace?

What are Practical Christian workplace practices, examples?

What can I do for you? Can I join you helping others?

Can you suggest how we can find people who might be interested in joining us?

What do you think Christians in the workplace need? What do you think Christians in the workplace can give?

Can we trust Christians in the workplace?

What more do you have to offer?

Published by bootjo

All about Christian Connections including spiritual, social, educational, and managing workplace issues, such as resources, directories etc. Christians always learning how to be Christians... Seeking what God wants us to learn, letting the Holy Spirit influence and teach us in Jesus name. the Son of God.

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