Community Meetings

(This site is in the early phase of development, your input or suggestions greatly appreciated) John Booth

Christian Workplace Connections

Wow… it is going to be so nice to actually be able to meet face to face again.

But for now we will endeavour to be Covid responsible.

A time and place where Christian entrepreneurs, business people and those in the workplace can meet face to face or digitally, network, refer, exchange information, do business, learn about potential opportunities and share our Christian workplaces values.

Discover how other Christians are contributing to the workplace and what their businesses, occupations are. Discover Christian business and work practices by example and association.

Thoughts about Christians in the workplace… sites to explore…

Let’s discover what God has in store for our business associations and our BC Christian communities. Creating BC Christian workplace narrative…

Finding new ways of connecting in this self preventative isolating world we find ourselves in.

It’s not about how well our businesses, jobs are doing, but rather… How well we are doing our businesses, jobs, in God’s eyes.

Come and discuss Christian workplace issues, views and solutions.

Our worship centers and Churches were not the place to conduct business.

Join us at…

BC Christian Workplace Opportunities Facebook Group

Looking for other existing digital opportunities for Christians to meet and share God’s blessings and workplace experiences, organized by communities and dates.

Future locations etc…

Potentially 175 communities throughout BC

Discovering Christian business and workplace focused groups and associations with regular meetings has become complicated. Many groups have needed to adjust dates, places, methods and protocals for meetings. Please forgive us, we are in the process of reconnecting with these opportunities for sharing and hope to have our updated connection data soon.

We would definitely appreciated updated information so we can update this page.


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