About, Christian Workplace Connections.


About Christian Workplace Connections and Encouragement.

How does the Holy Spirit work in our BC Christian workplace? Finding answers? Connecting?

Follow the menu… Read how it’s all connected… Surviving in a “ME” first world. The Christian workplace life is about following Jesus Christ. We start out as infants in Christ and with the Holy Spirits help we mature spiritually, learning the benefits of a Christian workplace ethic and attitude. Please share. What is God putting on your heart?

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Home … Discovering the Christian experience of connecting. Learning by connecting? Living beyond work… What are we working for? Who are we working for?

About … Learning and seeing that without the Holy Spirits direction, our lives lack definition.

Christian Workplace Community Directory … As Christians it is good to be supported not only for economic benefits but also in prayer. Christian Workplace Connections. BC Christian Workplaces… close to home.

Events … Opportunities for encouragement. As Christians we accept that God has His reasons for allowing situations to be. Currently the uncertain and potentially dark side of our leadership decision making, agendas and the Covid-19 virus precautions, have impacted our freedom to safely meet.

Community Meetings … Face to Face Christian Workplace connections (or mask to mask) Responsible health precautions not fear. We must pray for discernment, the Holy Spirits wisdom regarding meeting.

Workplace Referral networks… Whatever you call your workplace? Opportunities to connect and refer or recommend ways of connecting socially, economically and spiritually…

Speakers … List of potential inspirational speakers, helping us to learn, network and share. Directions and links to other beneficial links and resources.

Seminars and Retreats … Opportunities to learn, connect and relate.

Association … Corporate entity to be established to manage operations, establish accountability, control and develop oversight procedures.

Blogs … an opportunity for all of us to communicate

Social Media … options, information, communication

Church resources … Taking advantage of our spiritual families awareness unity and leading.

Supportive Affiliates… organized direction purpose and links to useful resources.

Educational Institutes … organized learning, direction and option selection.

Connecting and Supporting… It’s not about money, nor committing time. it is about connecting.

Testimonials … thanks for the blessings.

Our Beliefs … the reason we can.

Contacts … organizer

  • Christian Workplace Website
  • BC Christian Marketplace Opportunities (Facebook group page) http://www.facebook.com/groups/2780698708612697/
  • Vancouver Island Christian Bulletin Facebook group
  • Vancouver Mainland Christian Bulletin Facebook group
  • Vancouver Island Christian Couples Facebook group
  • Vancouver Mainland Christian Couples Facebook group
  • BC Christian Real Estate Referral Alliance

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