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God has blessed some with the ability to articulate their knowledge and experiences.

Sources of inspiration…

Can we find these speakers?

Speaking towards… Our Christian Workplaces?

How to be a Christian in the Workplace…

Who would you recommend we contact? Here are some examples of speakers and their organizations who have opinions, and many good thoughts.

Do you have any recommendations for BC Christian workplace encouragement?



Please Google their names and themes and watch their videos.

About the Theology of work project http://www.theologyofwork.org

Gabe Lyons How Christians should lead in the workplace.

Jim Conway‘s What God says about work part 1

Tim Keller Why work matters. You Tube RedeemerCFW May 18, 2012

Mark Ballenger 3 boundaries for a Christian in a secular workplace. You Tube

Darrin Patrick Trusting God in a hostile work environment.

Sanjay Poonen True Christians in the workplace.

Todd White Christianity in the workplace.

Rick Warren (Video) Building character at work.

John Maxwell Leadership principles from the bible.

Peter Tan-Chi Be Christ centered in the workplace.

Gary Petty The Christian responsility to work hard.

Ken Vance Vertical Church. Unethical

Henry Blackaby says, Churches need to equip Christian workers. Equipping the Church in the workplace through the local Church.

Doug Spada Work is worship

Greg Forster The Christian life at work.

Michael Ramsden Integrity in the workplace.

Debra J. Dean (Blog) The Green Room

Bill Gray Canadian Christian Business Federation

William Gray Making Mentoring relationships work

Jim Ewing Pro-Vision Solutions Inc

BC recommendations please???

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