Christian Workplace Connections

Connecting our Christian Spheres of influences… Not reinventing the wheel. Just trying to find ways of connecting Christians to Christians within the province of British Columbia workplace.

So much to learn, experience and appreciate…

Discovering the Christian experience of connecting…

He keeps giving us choices.

Ever since Adam and Eve made a couple of bad choices, God has been trying to help us make things right.

What are spheres of influence…

Our spiritual families… our living experiences, work and home life… our social opportunities… Connecting with Him and other Christians? Connecting through social, workplace and spiritual environments?

Isn’t the Christian life much like running a marathon? We run as a group, yet our race is our own. We run at our own pace, facing and enduring the challenges of the course and ourselves, all the while, being part of the group experience. Learning and developing inner strengths and dealing with our weaknesses.

John 3:16-17

Being a Christian is about accepting that we are sinners. (According to the Bible)

Hear how God is guiding in our lives. In the workplace as well as our after work lives, enabling participants to discover networking opportunities and stimulate us to present Christ well in our day to day living.

Learning by connecting

When we ask God to lead us… we sometimes still have questions and issues… If we can take advantage of the many lessons others have learned and are willing to share, maybe we could give God the opportunity of working through each of us.

Not being so Heavenly minded, that we are of no earthly good…

Living beyond work… What are we working for?

Work… Home… Social… Spiritual…