BC Christian Workplace “EVENTS”

The Christian workplace can be exciting and gratifying… we just need to…

Get Connected… email information about Christian events which may be of interest to other Christians in the workplace.

EVENTS… Whats happening in our Christian workplace world??? Connecting in a Covid-19 world. Praying this pandemic will be brought under control and we can go back to connecting in a less digital world. For now we should be thankful we can connect and share digitally.

Finding opportunities for connecting with other Christians. We will be posting our findings as they become available. Your help is gratefully appreciated.


For example:

Christian agencies, groups and associations… as mentioned under our “menu headings” and…

And more as found at;

  • Social Media
  • Community Meetings
  • Churches (web sites)
  • Referrals
  • Seminars and Retreats
  • Missions
  • Educational Institutes
  • Association
  • Etc

How do we fit into Gods plans? What’s happening in our Christian Family, are we invited?

Let us know… christianworkplace@outlook.com

(This site is in the early stages of development, your insights and suggestions greatly appreciated) John Booth christianworkplace@outlook.com

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