Connecting and Supporting

We are here to share Gods abundance with each other.

It’s not about money, nor committing time. It is about connecting.

Which is becoming more and more complicated during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s not about advertising or driving business nor attention to ourselves…

Rather simply finding ways to share what God has given us to offer each other.

Christian spheres of influence…who and what are they?

If you have taken the time to view this web site, you will have realized we all can use some help.

The goal is not to organize something new for Christ, but rather find ways of connecting Gods people. We are looking for partners to help accomplish this task. Please contact us if God leads you.

Some of the ways we can help each other is to identify our businesses etc and submit this information to be added to our Christian Workplace Directory.

To refer business to those Christian businesses worthy of our business.

 This website is being developed to enable us to connect and share our Christian opportunities.

How can we help you in your business, in your spiritual journey, in your social life, in all aspects of your life.

Thank You

John Booth


1 Year membership in Christian Workplace Connections Association $100

Which includes 1 Year inclusion in Christian Workplace Connections Online Directory, invitations to seminars, retreats etc.

All for $100 per year

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