Christian Workplace Connections


What are our Christian connections? Who is in our Christian sphere of influence? Is there a benefit for Christians in the workplace to connect and share concerns regarding workplace issues? As Christians in the workplace, how do we deal with our successes?

Encouraging, discovering what we have to offer, supporting each other, becoming aware of each other. Learning what God expects from us and what He has for us.

As spiritual leaders, I am curious do you have opportunities for the people in your congregations to discuss workplace issues? I would like very much to talk to you about this. Why is there so much in the Bible about money, work and ethics? I realize the Bible talks about the theological message and the need for us to accept that we are sinners and that we need to ask Jesus into our life… but it also talks about living.

If you are aware of opportunities on Vancouver Island or the Vancouver Mainland where Christians in the workplace can meet (when it is Covid-19 safe to do) or online meeting groups, or publications or Church groups etc please let us know. ( Menu… Directory, Churches, Social Media, Missions… more)

BC Christian Marketplace Opportunities Group Page “Join and participate”

Christian Business Groups you can check out…

Leader Impact

Canadian Christian Business Federation

Faith Tech Vancouer

Full Gospel Busiiness Men,s Fellowship

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All about Christian Connections including spiritual, social, educational, and managing workplace issues, such as resources, directories etc. Christians always learning how to be Christians... Seeking what God wants us to learn, letting the Holy Spirit influence and teach us in Jesus name. the Son of God.

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