Christian Workplace Connections

What does God say about serving? Does God have expectations for business and occupational excellence? How do we learn? How successful can we be if we let God be our partner?

Many of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Pastors were approached and have shown interest in exploring ways of honoring God in the workplace.

Ideas, thoughts… is there a plan? We looked for instruction from various spiritual leaders.

God has led some incredible people to this Christian workplace initiative. I wonder where He will lead tomorrow and who He will bring to lend a hand?

How can we be a service to others? Christians in the workplace?

Before this Covid-19 situation, we had some very inspirational meetings. Small but meaningful.


A lot has happened since we began asking pastors if they were aware of any networking opportunities for Christians relating to workplace issues? Since our first initial meeting in April 2019, God has taught us alot. When we seek Gods direction, we find his ways are not always as we envisioned.

At first our focus was to establish opportunities on the Island and the BC Lower Mainland for Christians to gather, have discussions and seek Gods guidance regarding workplace issues and networking.

There are many minitries and many ways we can minister to each other. Whether you are wiping tables, in a soup kitchen as a volunteer, or one of the fortune 500 top CEO’s, you can be part of the Christian workplace connection. One of the questions is… how do we connect with those around us, our peers, our competition, those in authority above us, opportunities in other communities, our clientel, with God and His expectations for us?

Many times we learn by asking questions communicating and seeking answers, rather than by being taught. Learning to connect with others can present invaluable opportunities to experience an informal education.

What is Gods agenda in the workplace?

Join our FaceBook Group Page… BC Christian Marketplace Opportunities.

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All about Christian Connections including spiritual, social, educational, and managing workplace issues, such as resources, directories etc. Christians always learning how to be Christians... Seeking what God wants us to learn, letting the Holy Spirit influence and teach us in Jesus name. the Son of God.

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