Christian Workplace Connections BC

Still trying to learn how to use this Blogging to communicate with others who might have questions or suggestions regarding Christian Workplace Connections, especially within BC and particularly on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island for now. Actually, while on the job as well as off. God seems to be leading me to connect Christians in the workplace who have opportunities to share what God has blessed them with and with others who can take those gifts and multiply these to benefit the Kingdom work.

Please read what God is doing.

Join our Facebook Group Page and share what God has for you to share. “BC Christian Marketplace Opportunities Facebook Group Page.”

Published by bootjo

All about Christian Connections including spiritual, social, educational, and managing workplace issues, such as resources, directories etc. Christians always learning how to be Christians... Seeking what God wants us to learn, letting the Holy Spirit influence and teach us in Jesus name. the Son of God.

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